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Solar Powered Motion Sensing Lights

Solar Powered Motion Sensing Lights

Solar Powered, Waterproof, Auto On and OFF, bestselling Glow-in-the-dark light.

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Perfect addition to gardens, homes, garages, patios and increasing security!

All Weather Ready

IP64 Waterproof Level And High-Quality Materials Ensure That It Can Work Properly Regardless Of Rain, Snow And Heat.

Auto ON/OFF Sensor

The Solar Wall Lights has a sensitive dusk-to-dawn sensor that sensitively detects the brightness of the surrounding environment and automatically turns off at dawn and on at dusk.

The Solar Dusk-to-Dawn Wall Light will keep working for up to 12 hours after being fully charged during the day.

Motion Sensing

Solar motion sensor lights light up the front door and your way home. 

3 Lighting Modes 

The solar wall light has a built-in intelligent motion sensor that sensitively detects motion within a 120° angle of 8 meters.

    Solar Security Lights

    Solar Security Lights Are Perfect For Step, Wall, Patio, Porch, Lawn, Pathway, Front Door, Garden Etc.

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    Solar-powered wall light that shines light yellow light to illuminate garages, fence lines, and outdoor areas when motion is detected!

    How long do these glow for?

    6-7 hours

    Powered By The Sun

    Wall Light Solar’s seamless design and softer light brightens up your space without feeling abrasive. Simply place in direct sunlight to recharge.

    No messy wires, battery required!

    Lights on however you’d like.

    3 different modes

    1.When motion is detected, the wall light will turn on to 100%, and will be off after the movement leaves for 15s.

    2. When motion is detected, it will turn on to 100%, the solar wall light will change to 50% brightness after the movement leaves for 15s.

    3. Always keep 50% low brightness mode all night.

    • Automatic Night Lights

      Be greeted by these motion enabled lights everyday when you go outside.

      They charge during the day and glow by the night - all automatically!

    • Plug and Play

      Simply install them once and enjoy their beauty night after night!

    • All Weather Friendly

      The lights you don't need to worry about when its sunny or raining outside!

    • Solar Powered

      Automatically charges through the day and lights up by the nights.

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    Add protection and light to your outdoor spaces!


    What our customers are asking us?

    No of bulbs?

    We have two variants :

    Pack of 1 : 1 Wall Motion Bulb

    Pack of 2 : 2 Wall Motion Bulbs

    Pack of 4 : 4 Wall Motion Bulbs


    Yes, these are IP65. Waterproof, sun-safe and all weather friendly.

    Electricity needed?

    No, these are solar powered and come equipped with rechargeable solar battery.

    Delivery Timeline?

    Usually takes about 3-5 working days for them to reach your doorstep!


    We offer free returns and a 100% refund within 30 Days of delivery.

    Just send us a mail!